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West Hills School Community Council

West Hills Middle School has an active School Community Council which consists of parents, school staff and the principal. School employees and parent members are elected by secret ballot. Parents must have a student at WHMS in order to serve on the SCC. If you are interested in serving on the council, the nomination form is here.

Four SCC meetings are held each year, usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 4:30 PM. The SCC participates in the development of our school improvement plan, the professional staff development plan, and approves the land trust budget each year. In addition, the SCC provides input for the school's child access routing plan which includes safe walking routes to school from each neighborhood within school boundaries. The SCC also partners with school administration in creating a safe and constructive internet environment for students.

The SCC is responsible for coordinating the annual fundraising activities of WHMS. The SCC provides a forum for community discussion of school related concerns and encourages citizens to express their views about educational issues. SCC information is available on this website. Upcoming meetings will be announced on our marquee and on our community bulletin board. We encourage any interested persons to join us. We value your input. Together we can make a stronger school.

Next Meeting

Date: TBA for 2019-2020 school year
Time: TBA
Place: Library Media Center at West Hills Middle School
Agenda: TBA

Proposed Meeting Dates

TBA for 2019-2020 school year

All meetings will be held in the Library Media Center at West Hills Middle School. The meeting time is currently under review to determine a time when all members can meet.

Rules of Order and Procedure

2018-19 School Community Council Members

Member Name Type E-Mail Address Phone Number
Jenni Shelton Chair/Parent (801) 815-1293
Aaron Wilhelm Vice Chair/Parent (801) 349-7744
Cynthia Vandermeiden Principal (801) 412-2300
Romer Ferrer Parent
Tina Lyoh Parent
David Pack Parent
Justin Butterfield Parent
Lynda Christen Parent
Ellen Hensel Licensed School Employee (801) 412-2300
Jessica Otero Licensed School Employee (801) 412-2300

Meeting Minutes

2019 - 20 School Year

Date Agenda Minutes

2018 - 19 School Year

Date Agenda Minutes
March 6, 2019 SCC Agenda 3.6.19 SCC Minutes 3.6.19
January 9, 2019 SCC Agenda 1.9.19 SCC  Minutes 1.9.19
November 14, 2018 SCC Agenda 11.14.18 SCC Minutes 11.14.18

2017 - 18 School Year

2016 - 17 School Year

2015 - 16 School Year

2014 - 15 School Year

2013 - 14 School Year

2012 - 13 School Year


School Land Trust Plans, Reports & Program Funding

Land Trust Final Report 2017

Utah's School Land Trust Public Reports Website