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Construction Announcement

Dear Community,

We are excited to announce that, on April 1st, we will be starting our construction for next year’s remodel. We are grateful that we have been given this opportunity.  Our teachers have begun packing up their belongings they will not be using the rest of the year and cleaning out the building. Hard work has been going on for a while; however, our next stage will affect our community just a bit.


  1. THE FRONT ENTRANCE WILL BE CLOSED.  Starting Monday, the contractors will begin building a temporary wall and fence outside of our main doors. This will close all access to the front doors. The new entrance will be on the north side of the building between the auditorium and the gym. There will be signs to assist you with direction.
  2. NO PARKING IN FRONT – Parking on the east side (front of school) will not be available. Contractors will be taking up the south side of the parking area. Parking will be available on the north side of the building. Pick up and drop off will remain the same – north and south side only. The front will still be used for buses only.
  3. POD CONTAINERS – Some of you may have noticed we have POD containers on the South West side of the school. We will eventually (date unknown) receive four more containers that will be placed on the north side of the pick-up and drop off area. This will not interfere with the drop off/pick up route, but it will affect some of the parking areas. Please drive carefully through the parking lot and watch for children. We strongly advise to drop students off on the curb and not in the middle of the parking lot. Many of the cars and PODS make it more challenging to see.
  4. CONTRACTORS IN THE BUILDING – The construction people will only be allowed in the front four empty rooms of the building. They will not be allowed through our school, except for a select approved contractors.
  5. COPPER HILLS SUMMER OFFICE – The administrators and office personnel will be located at Copper Hills this summer. More information to come.