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Back to School: Dress Code and School Supplies

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BTS Head

Dress Code

West Hills Middle School follows the dress code established by the Jordan School District Board of Education. Please take a moment to review the dress code, either at the linked policy or through the images below, as you start to make back-to-school clothing choices.

School Supplies

Many classes require nothing more than paper and a writing tool. Some courses may have more specific recommended supplies, and these will be explained by teachers in the first days of school.

Parents and students should be aware that planners will not be given to students this year. There are a variety of excellent school planners available from area retailers that can be used for those students interested in using a planner.


Back to School: Schedules, Lockers, Walkabouts

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BTS HeadThis year, students will have access to their schedule within one business day of completing Online Registration, including payment of fees (or completion of a fee waiver application). Schedules will be visible in Parent Access and Student Access.

Locker information will not be posted until approximately August 15. Lockers are assigned in groups by grade level. As we have a significant number of new students enroll over the summer, we try to accommodate these students in locker sections with other students of their grade level.

As summer maintenance and teacher preparation continues at our building all summer long, the hallways are not generally open for students to find classes or open lockers. Two “Walkabout” times have been scheduled, as well as Back-to-School Night, to provide an opportunity for students to practice locker combinations and schedules.

  • Walkabout 1: Monday, August 15: 9 AM to Noon
  • Walkabout 2: Tuesday, August 16: 1 PM to 3 PM (The Immunization Care-A-Van clinic will be held during this time)
  • Back-to-School Night: Monday, August 22: 5 PM to 6:30 PM

Back to School: Fee Waivers

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BTS HeadUtah State Code authorizes the charging of fees at the secondary level for activities and classes during the regular school day, provided the fees are approved by the local education authority (LEA). Fees in the Jordan School District are authorized by the Jordan School District Board of Education.

Fee waivers are available for families who have difficulty paying fees and may meet certain criteria:

  • The family meets certain income guidelines based on total income for the family and number of people in the home, or
  • The student (not the guardian) receives Supplemental Security Income, or
  • The family receives TANF (income assistance or food stamps), or
  • The student is in foster care or state custody

Utah State Code also allows for fee waivers to be granted in the case of individuals who “because of extenuating circumstances such as, but not limited to, exceptional financial burdens such as loss or substantial reduction of income or extraordinary medical expenses, are not reasonably capable of paying the fee.”

Fee waivers cover all school fees. However, memory books, school pictures, PE clothes, and fees for AP tests are not required items and are thus not covered by fee waivers. Charges for lost or late library books or textbooks or fines for damage to school property are also not covered by fee waivers.

A fee waiver, once approved, applies for the duration of a student’s continuous time in the same building (meaning students moving from middle school to high school will need to apply again for a fee waiver). When a new student in the same family enrolls in the building, eligibility for a fee waiver must be demonstrated again.

Any guardian interested in applying for a fee waiver should do the following:

  1. Review the Fee Notice Document.
  2. Complete the fee waiver application. A copy is available in Online Registration or can be downloaded here.
    1. All parts of the application, including the back side (listing all names and incomes of family members) must be completed!
  3. Bring your application and supporting documentation (tax returns or three most recent paychecks for income – see bottom of second page of application for verification for other statuses) to the school for review with a school administrator.