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West Hills offers a variety of optional activities outside the normal coursework to enhance student learning and create a positive school culture.

In years where there is enough student interest, we offer:

  • Jazz Band - before school rehearsals held daily, with performances at assemblies and also some evenings
  • Mariachi Band - after school rehearsals, with performances at assemblies and also some evenings
  • Musical - after school rehearsals held almost daily in the Spring, with four night/weekend performances
  • Student Talent Show - rehearsals after school in the days leading up to the Spring performances at school assemblies
  • Intramural Sports Activities - when there is enough student interest to form teams, various sports activities are offered after school approximately 3 days each month
  • MESA - after school activity is held each month, with quarterly "Passing for Pancakes" activity to celebrate success in learning
  • CATFOOD Activities - after school cooking activity held each month
  • Wildcat PRIDE Breakfast - students are recognized for showing the PRIDE character traits with a breakfast provided in partnership with Chick-fil-a and a recognition certificate
    • be Proactive
    • have Respect
    • demonstrate Integrity
    • have Determination
    • show Enthusiasm
  • CATS - goal setting and self-improvement program in the areas of character, academics, talents and service.  Students have the opportunity to each recognition by completing varies levels in each category.
  • ​Service Learning - (approx. 60 students, 15-20 each session) - students knit hats on looms as an enrichment activity during our LEAP intervention period.  We donate the hats to the Road Home Shelter.  ​