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Online Scheduler


Read below for step by step online scheduler instructions.

Step-By-Step Parent/Guardian Instructions

Before you begin you’ll need your student’s ID number and birth date.

(Four easy steps - but the third step is a doozey!)

  1. Go to the West Hills Middle School home page at
  2. Select the Online Scheduler icon/link.
  3. From the Online Scheduler Home Page
    1. Choose West Hills Middle School from the drop down list.
    2. Enter the word “wildcats” in the school password window.
    3. Choose your student's TA teacher.
    4. Select a time slot from the list of options for your first student.
    5. Enter your student's Student ID.
    6. If you cannot remember their Student ID, use the LOOK UP STUDENT ID button.
    7. Verify the student’s birth date (contact the attendance office at 412-2310 if the birth date you have doesn’t work.)
    8. Confirm your appointment details.
    9. Enter your email address (optional).
    10. The system will send a confirmation email reminder immediately and another email reminder approximately 2 days before the scheduled conference.
    11. Select the MAKE PARENT/TEACHER APPOINTMENT button.
    12. Write down the Confirmation Number (you will need this number to make any changes to this appointment.)
  4. If you only have one student, you are finished. If you have additional student(s), you’ll need to repeat the steps for each of them to set and confirm your remaining appointment(s).

Do you need help? Contact Mr. Olson at or by phone at 412-2300.