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Begin at the D&RGW Railroad & 6600 S. (approx. 4700 W.); east along 6600 S. (south side) to 3600 W.; south along 3600 W. (west side) to 7800 S.; west along 7800 S. (north side) to 4000 W.; south along 4000 W. (west side) to Old Bingham Hwy.; southwest along Old Bingham Hwy (north side) to approximately 10200 S.; west along 10200 S. (north side) to the Mining Railroad; southwest along the Mining Railroad (west side) to approximately 10450 S.; west along 10450 S. (north side) to west county line; north along west county line (east side) to approx. 9600 S.; east along approx. 9600 S. (south side) to New Bingham Hwy. and Hwy. U-111; northeast along New Bingham Hwy. (south side) to utilities corridor (power poles and the proposed Mountain View Corridor at approximately 5800 W.); north along utilities corridor (east side) to 7800 S.; east along 7800 S. (south side) to the D&RGW Railroad (approx. 4600 W.); north along the D&RGW Railroad (east side) to 6600 S.

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